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released January 18, 2017

On this recording, NO HANDS was Kevin, Tim, Bryan, and Andy.
Guitar solo on "You Guys Like Diets? I Like Weekends" by Ryan Frazeaux.

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Frazeaux at Oak Grove Recording



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NO HANDS Boston, Massachusetts

NO HANDS is a punk rock band from Boston, MA.

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Track Name: This is a Band, Not a Starbucks
I watched you walk away from all the progress that we'd made. I've seen the sickness inside your head and I know it's never ending. But I built the bridge that you burned down and you've made your bed of shame and shit - now fucking lie in it.
Track Name: Too Drunk. Gotta Go.
I pledged allegiance to the hatred at the front of my heart. Now I'm smart enough to see how fucking stupid I was. That solipsistic mindset is a pile of shit. I was imprisoned by my own intrinsic meaninglessness. I still think I'm nothing in the back of my head. I know the only cure for existential dread, but depression is a pit at the bottom of Hell and I don't even have the energy to kill myself.
Track Name: Courtney Cox Pro Skater
Your self-serving stories are fucking boring. I don't care about the shit you did. I'm sure you were cool in the eighties, but you never learned a fucking thing.
Track Name: Ashford
I don't miss myself. I don't miss my friends. I don't miss waking up wishing I was dead. I've spent five years learning to be somebody else. I thought I'd die on your fucking couch. I'll never scrape the taste of Allston out of my mouth and we won't set foot on Ashford Street ever again.
Track Name: You Guys Like Diets? I Like Weekends
Well, I confess that it still lingers. I see it on the walls of every empty room. I spent the day hiding from myself and let the ugly, awkward parts take control. I'm just as fucked as I used to be. Subtract me from me - I don't want to be anything. I tried to bleach it out, but I failed. I'm just as fucked as I used to be. An amalgam of things that have sabotaged me. If I'm not haunted, I'm not anything.